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For CPM Ad Units and Premium Branding, we offer:

We give you a great possibility to raise the audience's attention to your brand! You just need to place your ad as a background of It will reside in the background of a web page. And your brand is always standing out!

We can also help you with your ads design. Our design experts possess extensive experience developed nearly 150 different ads and websites. And we are always happy to help you to make a successful advertising campaign.

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Ad Size: 468x60
Image Types: GIF/JPG, Flash 6-9, Rich Media/3rd Party tag
Max File Size: GIF/JPG: 30k
Flash/Rich Media: 45k initial load/60k additional polite load or per panel, max panels: 4
Video & Animation: 4 loops max or 15 seconds, whichever is less

Submission information should include:

  • Advertiser Name
  • Campaign Start date
  • Campaign End date
  • Creative Files
  • Alt Text (if applicable)
  • Linking URL
  • Your wishes on how ad element(s) should run/rotate
Creative processing turnaround time might be about 3 business days, permitting all advertising content meet Meoweather's guidelines. If advertisements do not comply with the technical specifications or content policies, this may delay the start date of advertising campaign.

Please contact us for requests or proposal and additional pricing information.